Your Are

You are an seasoned entrepreneur but feel somehow stuck.

You put in all the hours but did not achieve the success you clearly deserve.

You are open to change and ready to become BulletProof.

Hi We Are

Bulletproofventures is a partnership of entrepreneurs helping seasoned entrepreneurs. We support businesses by providing Capital and Expertise in Branding, Marketing, Technology and a High Performance Mindset. As an investment firm we are focused on seasoned entrepreneurs and companies who are cash flow positive and are ready to scale exponential.

We Support You

We believe every seasoned entrepreneur should have the opportunity of becoming the successful entrepreneur that he/she always dreamed of becoming. Most of the time however it just does not work out as planned and you need outside help. Accelerators or banks only find young startups or “the already successful business” interesting. Unfortunately you are left out.  That’s where we come in. We believe you are the engine of growth of the economy. That’s why we support you.

Capital and Cash Flow

The lifeline of every company. You have some, but are in need of more.

Branding and Marketing

No business can thrive without these set in stone. We help you get there.

People and Process

Easy to overlook, but both can either make or brake.

High Performance Attitude

Is it really lonely at the top? No, not with this mindset.