why are we Diamonds are build under pressure. So are we. bulletproof?

Perfect Match With

The BulletProof Methodology

By sheer necessity and by learning it the hard way we had to become BulletProof ourselves.
Fortunately we had the luck to be able to overcome our setbacks.
These insights now serve us well and is the foundation on which this company is build.

We Are BulletProof at

Innovation, Creativity, Strategy

Basically the soul of a company.

Branding, Marketing, Sales

The engine of a company.

High Performance, Process, Product

The attitude of a company.

Finance, Reporting

The thermometer of a company

Who We Are

Hi We Are

Bulletproofventures is a partnership of entrepreneurs helping seasoned entrepreneurs. We support businesses by providing Capital and Expertise in Branding, Marketing, Technology and a High Performance Mindset. As an investment firm we are focused on seasoned entrepreneurs and companies who are cash flow positive and are ready to scale exponential.

We Support You

We believe every seasoned entrepreneur should have the opportunity of becoming the successful entrepreneur that he/she always dreamed of becoming. Most of the time however it just does not work out as planned and you need outside help. Accelerators or banks only find young startups or “the already successful business” interesting. Unfortunately you are left out.  That’s where we come in. We believe you are the engine of growth of the economy. That’s why we support you.

Our Manifesto

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We promise to do good in this world. We do this by always thinking about the well being of our children. Is what we do beneficiary for them.

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We promise to be the biggest critic of our own work. We will listen objectively to what other people have to say. When in doubt we play devils advocate.

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Money will never be the key driver. It's not the money that is powerful, but what you do with it. We acknowledge this an look for the higher end goals to the things we do.

Founding Fathers

Pyke van Dieren
Apprentice of life

Always on the look for a learning opportunity. Father of four young children. More info visit www.py.ke

Visit his website
Pyke van Dieren
Apprentice of life
Roy Metheuver
Strategist and marketeer

Previous owner of a big advertising agency with customers like Samsung or Landrover. After getting more grounded instead of ``the endless pursuit of more`` he has freed up his mind for strategic and data driven thinking.

Roy Metheuver
Strategist and marketeer
Mark Doodeman
Movie director of life

Writer, (brand) story teller, movie and documentary maker for television networks and big companies. Now he is starring in his own life's work.

Mark Doodeman
Movie director of life
Pilot of life

As a pilot he still flights, just because in his heart he stays that little boy fascinated by the aviation industry. That's why he is has an special interest in this industry and is also co-founder of aproncapital.com

Pilot of life

Our Team

Our Team BulletProof Principles

To stay BulletProof we have a very straightforward and flat team model in place. So every founder has both an individual team responsibility, with a team of maximum 10 people and an overall firms team responsibility.

Some team key characteristics

Life experience


Growth Mindset (more info: Carol Dweck)


Radical Transparency (more info: Ray Dalio)


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Maximum Size

0 People

Maximum size

0 Investors

Maximum investors

0 BulletProof Ventures

Max Investments

Are you in search of new Team Members?

Yes. As our firm’s principles state we are building a 10 founding fathers/mothers and 100 people strong BulletProof working force.  So when you understand what we are doing (our mission) and are certain you can withstand our rigorous yet very human application process. Reach out to us.

We maintain a strict expansion protocol that best fits our growth targets. Every year we have only two fixed 6-week on boarding periods where new team members – from Interns to Fathers – get the attention they deserve in order to seamlessly flow into our organisation.

Random hiring is not part of the BulletProof Methodology and results in a suboptimal on-boarding experience for our new talents, whilst also putting an unnecessary and inefficient strain on our incumbent employees.

Our cycles always run from:

1. Mid January until the end of February
2. Mid September until the end of October

Do you work with the new Freelancer model?

Yes we very much believe in the new way of working. People used to work for long periods of time for just one company. As we need our people to stay open minded we need them to stay involved in working opportunities that keep them energized.

We have to very strict principles when it comes down to working with Freelancers. One of these principles is the payment of there fees within 48 hours and always working with a combination of pre-mid-after payments.

Reach of to use for more details.

Can I join as a Father or Mother?

Yes. But what always works best. Make yourselves stand-out and us want to reach out to you. How? be creative and take your future in your own hands. That’s the BulletProof way.

Can I help in any other way?

So let’s say we’ve got the team covered and the fathers/mothers covered. Do we need more help. Yes.. we love talking to interestingpeopletalks.com. Perhaps you might pay them a visit.

So you're ready to make a difference. PLEASE DO CONTACT US.

On urgent matters we respond within 24 hours. On life or death matters within 1 hour. On other matters within 5 days.